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Unprecedented innovation in laser technology


PicoSure laser is measured is pico-seconds while normal lasers are measured in nano-seconds, where 1 nano-second equals 1000 pico-seconds. It means less painful, more effective, faster recovery time, safer for darker skin type, less likely to have side effects and reduced amount of treatments And the added Focus Lens redistributes each PicoSure pulse into a combination of high and low levels of energy and is up to 20x more concentrated than a normal PicoSure pulse. It means greater control in the application of high level of energy to effectively treat a wide variety of skin concerns.


Picosure Starter Package

  • Picosure Intense x 4
  • LED Therapy x 4

Pico Maintenance Package

  • Picosure Intense x 1
  • Picosure General Rejv x 3
  • LED Therapy x 4

Tattoo Removal Package

  • Picosure Tattoo Removal x 4
Intense Full Face $1,099
Intense Neck add-on$200
General Rejuvanation Full Face$490
General Neck add-on$100
Light Full Face/Spot Treatment$690
Tattoo Removal 1 Area $250
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