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Celebrating the art of hair style and all things fashion. Dongtian’s Hair Salon will leave you feeling fabulous. We believe that hairdressing is an artform where each individual’s hair is a blank canvas for intricate creations to come to life. Our talented hairdressers are dedicated to delivering an exceptional hair glamour for you whether it’s a trending style cut, creative colour or simple toning session.

Hair Salon

For Dongtian, we believe hairdressing is more than just a visit, it’s an experience so we strive to provide the best possible service to our customers. Our incorporation of fashion and a keen eye for current trends and techniques ensure that we’re at the forefront of the hairdressing artistry.

Aside from creating your desired hairstyle, we also provide quality haircare advice to maintain the shine and health of your hair. Our customer’s satisfaction is what drives us to continue our arts and actively evolve to new height. We love introducing innovative hair techniques to our services so that every client can walk out with a smile and the hair of their dreams.

We’re sure that if you leave your hair to us, you won’t regret it. Whether it’s for a special occasion or a style change, we will create the perfect look that suits your needs. Let your hair speak for yourself!


Ladies Cut & StyleFrom $105
Gents CutFrom $65
Wash & Blow Dry$40
ColourFrom $90
TreatmentFrom $70
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