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There are various mentods we can remove submental fat. Please book your consultation with our doctor to find the most suitable way for you.


SculpSure is FDA approved to non-invasively eliminate unwanted fat. It only takes 25 min- ute, it’s safe, and you may resume all normal activities straight after the treatment. It is clin- ically-tested to reduce up to 24% stubborn fat over one treatment, and was well-tolerated and yielded over 90% patient satisfaction rate.


Sculpsure Body Fat Reduction


Sculpsure Body *4 (suitable to treat one area of body)


    Sculpsure Body *10 (suitalbe to treat two or more areas of body)

      SUBMENTALSinglePrepay 3
      Fat Dissolver$1,200 $1,800
      Sculpsure Submental$900$1,800
      Ultherapy Chin$850$1,800
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