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The face is one of the parts of the body that shows the visible signs of aging. As we grow older, the layers of face change and lose their youthful look.

Meet Dr. Honda Ko

Best Procedures and Best Techniques for Best Results


Dr. Honda Ko completed his medical degree and PhD at the University of Sydney. He has extensive experience in cosmetic and plastic reconstructive surgery.

He is highly qualified in cosmetic injectables treatments and has a unique understanding of the best modalities to suit individual needs and desire for results.


  • Trained as General Surgeon in Sydney, including breast, plastic, Trauma, head and neck surgery.
  • Trained by Taiwan-leading plastic Surgeon at cosmetic courses.
  • Numerous of training course led by world’ leading surgeons, doctors and aesthetic trainer.
  • Regularly attends advanced forums and conferences to improve knowledge and skills

Why choose Dongtian


Good communication

Advance techniques

Quality services with care

Professional Medical Team

State of the art technology

The texture, tone and pigmentation of skin changes as skin cell
regeneration slows down.

The repeated action of facial muscles cause permanent ‘static’ wrikles to form on the face.

The face loses volume causing‭ ‬facial shape and contours to change and the effects of gravity to become apparent.

Bone loss reduces structural support‭, ‬which diminishes facial definition and fullness.




Create a softer and fresher appearance with anti-wrinkle in- jections for a natural looking reduction in lines and wrinkles.


Purest forms of vitamins, minerals and other nutri- ents specifcally formulated for your needs

Dermal filler

Dermal filler

We know that it’s all about enhancing your natural beauty, not making you look like someone else



Single treatment, non-invasive skin lifting and tight- ening without surgery or downtime.



Unprecedented innovation in laser technology.



Mesotherapy is a treatment to inject active ingredients into the mesodermic layer of the skin via microinjections.

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